Dog is found waiting on bridge days after owner committed suicide

The dog sat on the bridge and kept staring longingly out into the river.
The dog sat on the bridge and kept staring longingly out into the river. Our dogs love us so much that they’ll remain loyal to us even after we’ve died. We’ve seen many stories of pets continuing to stay by their late owner’s death bed or even visit their grave. But one story is even more heartbreaking: a dog was found continuing to attend for his owner… at the scene where he committed suicide.

The dog was found on the Yangtze Bridge in Wuhan, China. a person named Xu reportedly discovered the poor dog and shared the photos on social media. Xu tried to pick the dog personally, hoping to give it an honest home. But after learning from nearby workers that a person had jumped off the bridge on May 30, he realized the dog belong to the deceased man and was loyally expecting him to return.

“I wanted to rescue it, but it had been too faithful to simply accept ,” Mr. Xu told Chutian Metropolis Daily. The dog didn’t accept food or water, he just stared through the railing, confused to what happened.

After Xu shared the story, Du Fan, director of the Wuhan Small Animal Protection Association, visited the bridge and was ready to rescue the dog. Surveillance footage confirmed that the dog’s owner jumped off the bridge. Rescuers can only hope to bear and provide dogs Chapter 2

“We still hope to seek out a replacement owner for the dog,” Du said, consistent with the Daily Mail. “We think it’s too sad for such a loyal dog to stay on the streets.” What a heartbreaking story. It shows just what proportion our dogs love us, and how they stay loyal to us even after we’re gone. We hope this dog finds an honest home soon. Share this story!

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