Dog Quietly Watches Owner Digs Its Grave As Vet Says The Dog Is Seriously Ill

Receiving the news that your most loyal companion will not be during this world is such a painful thing to listen to and Hardy’s father is trying his best to affect it. Franklin Hardy is understood for his work as a television screenwriter, performing on the series You’re the Worst. However, Hardy gained attention for a story of his father and a dog that he shared on his Twitter account.

It all started when Hardy visited his father’s range in Virginia, USA and located him in the garden, digging a hole. Hardy asked his father, what's he doing. To his surprise, the daddy is digging a hole to bury his own beloved pet dog. His father told him that he will get to sacrifice his own pet dog. It seems that the vet told Hardy’s father that his pet dog is seriously ill despite its normal appearance, over the phone. But seeing how the vet told this heartbreaking news only over the phone, Hardy tells his father that the vet doesn’t seem professional for doing that, and assures him that he can’t trust someone who says something like that without examining the dog first.

However, his father trusted the vet and believed that his dog will not be during this world anytime soon. So he continued to dig holes for his pet. But what surprises many of us was how the dog was nearing Hardy’s father all the time, faithfully watching how its owner is digging its grave.

“It didn’t seem to bother him (the dog). Was a touch hard on me though,” said Hardy’s father, sharing how he feels about his dog watching him digging the opening. Not long after, the vet received their house to euthanize the dog. He examined the dog before giving it any injection and seems that it had been a false alarm!

The dog isn't seriously ill and its health is best than ever.

Fortunately, the grave hole are going to be left empty!

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