Dog Soon To Be Adopted Refuses To Leave Shelter Without Her Best Friend

Lucy and Sully were both brought into a shelter within days of every other. Alone with little hope, they gravitated towards one another and have become instant best friends. These two dogs had uncertain backgrounds, but what was a walk in the park is that they needed one another. These two dogs knew that when it came time for one to be adopted, that both had to travel together. The pair went into fostering together, and their bond grew a day.

Alaina Brinton had lost her senior dog and after a couple of months had decided to start trying to find a puppy. She found Lucy’s picture and was smitten. When Brinton contacted the shelter, they informed her that Lucy was being fostered with another pup and maybe she could check out him too. Brinton didn’t have any plans on adopting two dogs but thought it wouldn’t hurt to seem at both.

“It was obvious Sully was looking to Lucy to point out him what things were and weren’t ok,” Brinton said. She could see just how close these two canines had become and didn’t have the guts to interrupt them up. She could have found a dog that didn’t have a buddy, but Brinton fell head over heels with both dogs. Seven years later, Lucy and Sully are still best friends and do almost everything together. They found one another in adversity and are now enjoying living a loving life together!

More Info: The Dodo
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