Dog Waited In The Pouring Rain For Her Family To Come Back For Her

While driving to the Dog Rescue Shelter in Mladenovac, Serbia, some shelter volunteers noticed a dog on the side of the road while he was standing alone in the rain.

Dog Rescue Shelter, Mladenovac, Serbia/Facebook As they approached him the dog ran off towards some bushes, while volunteers tried to urge near him the canine showed signs of aggression because she was afraid. They used an old trick and tried to coax her with food, it took a while but finally the scared pooch decided to trust them. After beginning to trust them, the dog had no problem once they pet her and put her inside their car, they brought her to the shelter and decided to call her Lady.

Lady was already feeling great since she wasn’t stuck in the cold anymore, luckily she got a clean bill of health and received the simplest love and care. The sweet dog got adopted by a loving family just one month after being rescued. Now,Now she has a large backyard where she can play with her new dog siblings, and a warm bed. and she or he will never go through feeling the cold and rain alone on the road again.

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