Eight-Week-Old Puppy Named Timmy Found Chained Up In Dogfighting Raid

Dogfighting is one among the cruelest acts in the history of mankind. We couldn’t imagine what quite person would want to travel and watch these frightened animals in such much pain, including the people that actually found out these fights. We’d like to say that dogfighting doesn’t happen anymore, but despite being illegal, a lot of twisted citizenry still find ways of secretly getting around this.

That’s why that we’re so grateful for services just like the ASPCA who work constantly to undertake and hunt these illegal dog fighting rings and make sure that justice comes for all those that are involved. Our story today is especially heartbreaking because it involves an eight-week-old puppy, but luckily the sweet little guy goes on to possess a cheerful ending.

In what clothed to be one among their largest dogfighting ring raids so far, the ASPCA managed to rescue over 350 dogs from properties throughout Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi. The neglect and trauma that these dogs had been through was obvious, and sadly, rescuers found many dogs who hadn’t survived. Each dog was chained to a post with no food or water, no means of exercise and no positive human interaction. At eight weeks old, Timmy was the youngest pup to be rescued. He had an important chain around his neck and looked frightened and exhausted. He’d already been through such a lot, but his little face was the image of innocence. In fact, when he saw rescuers approaching, he did something that surprised everyone. He smiled.

It’s as if Timmy knew that these people were here to save lots of him. The rescuers wasted no time in getting the dogs out of every property, and tiny Timmy and his friends were on their thanks to the Humane Society of Calvert County in Maryland for a few especial care. Meanwhile, around ten people were arrested and charged for dogfighting – but nothing is ever getting to bring back all those that sadly died, or justify the pain that these helpless dogs went through. Despite the circumstances, Timmy was a really friendly dog and was already giving his rescuers many loves and kisses. Chatting with The Huffington Post about how Timmy settled in at the shelter, Kirstyn Northrop Cobb, HSCC’s adoptions counselor said: “We noted some resource guarding, he didn’t want to share his food, but otherwise he was a pleasant Canis Minor ,” Kirstyn first fostered Timmy for herself, but after he didn’t get along side her pet pig, she passed him onto a mutual friend whom she was confident would take excellent care of him. Her friend was a person called DeCicco, who alongside his wife had lost his two dogs the previous year. Their heart is hospitable and loving another dog, and they are happy to adopt little Timmy. Finally, he returned to his home.

Timmy loves cuddles as well as his new owners and twiddling with his ball. He has the sweetest temperament, and DeCicco said: “We didn’t have any concerns about bring a dog who had been related to fighting into our home because we’ve both had dogs our whole lives and know that they will reflect the way they're treated. Both of our previous dogs were pit mixes and that they are with great care unbelievably affectionate.” Timmy has now become a touch of a star, after being made the face of ASPCA’s ad campaign, and this picture really tugs at our heartstrings. We’re so happy that he has been given another chance at life. “These dogs show amazing resilience and forgiveness even after being treated so poorly. They only want to be loved,” DeCicco said. “Don’t get me wrong, I really like my wife and my family considerably, but nobody is ever as happy to ascertain you or greets you with more enthusiasm than your dog!”

We couldn’t have put it better ourselves! We’re so thankful to the rescuers for the awesome job that they are doing. Please SHARE this with your friends and family.

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