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Family abandons gross dog over how she looks after losing a leg in a car accident

Dogs are the sweetest pets, we should always give all of them love matter on their outside appearance and that we should never judge them supported that.

Family abandons 'gross' dog over how she takes care of losing a leg ...
One poor canine features a heartbreaking story, since his family abandoned her after she lost one leg thanks to one injury.

According to Sidewalk Specials, a dog rescue group, a poor pooch named Squirrel got a significant injury after being hit by a car.

The dog was sent immediately to a vet, she managed to survive but lost her leg.

The sweet pooch was smart and immediately learned the way to function in just three legs; she also learned to steer again and played again with other dogs.

She was now able to revisit home on the other hand the saddest thing happened, her family didn’t want her anymore because apparently she “grossed them out” and that they were concerned she would scare their kids.

The poor dog was abandoned due to the way she looked, now she would be so sad and heartbroken on their lonesome after everything she went through.

The group put the canine up for adoption and that they hoped someone out there would see past the looks and take the sweet furry home.

“Squirrel is small , slightly below a year old, she’s good with dogs, cats and youngsters and is recovering beautifully!” they wrote.

The sweet dog miraculously got 128 adoption offers and now has found an ideal forever home.

Her new family has named her Squash and that they love her just the way she is, they take her for walks at the park and she or he has no trouble running around.

The new family also features a young boy who immediately bonded with sweet pooch, the old family were concerned their kids are going to be scared here, the boy loves the dog and their bond is so sweet.

We hope we'll never hear stories like this where poor animals are abandoned thanks to the way they appear , it’s simply unacceptable.