Heartbreaking moment mom dog bids pup farewell after it was adopted

It is amazing to see people adopt animals as dogs or cats or other equivalent animals. But there may also be heartbreaking scenes, such as the end of a mother’s puppy, although this is for honest reasons; to have a caring family with better conditions.

This was one among those scenes, where the mother had her last moment with her puppy, saying goodbye to her puppy, who was adopted in China. As told, the mother had been cared for by some students at Zhengzhou University, where she gave birth of her seven puppies in the September. The mixed-breed pooch is seen to offer the last kiss to her baby while licking the puppy on her face and saying bye-bye to her, because the puppy was getting to sleep in a family in China. It was a heartbreaking scene…. The mother love is shown on the video filmed while saying goodbye to her baby. When the new owner took the puppy and begin driving away, the mother has been seen following behind, while her tail was down, ears hanging down showing how depressed the mother was.

It showed the instincts of a mother because it was a human! She is praying for another moment with her puppy. Then, the owner lowered the pup and gave to the mother to kiss and lick for another time, which appeared to be the last. On the opposite hand, the owner is heard telling the mother that he’s going to lookout excellent of her baby, so she doesn't need to worry about the pup. However, then the mother looks back at her puppy for the last time and sadly turns away. The scene in the video is so touching and heartbreaking. Beside this, tons of people had been wondering why they might not are adopted together, but because it seems someone had to pan from the mother…!!


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