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Hero stray dog pulls injured woman from car wreck and saves her life

Stray dogs even though are all lonely and alone they still have a lot of love to give and can easily become heroes...

Stray dogs albeit are all lonely and alone they still have tons of affection to offer and may easily become heroes.

After Shannon Lorio came her car going for a drive after an argument together with her husband something happened and altered her life forever.

Stray dog 'Hero' pulls injured woman from car wreck and saves her life
The woman from Georgia headed toward a road known to possess little to no traffic in the least and wanted to detach some steam while she navigated through the windy rural roads.

But what was alleged to be a soothing drive became horror after the lady lost control of her car and ended up during a ditch on the road side after she got thrown through the car window of her car within the crash.

Her conscience faded in and out of her conscience and couldn’t get up , she was woken up at some point by some hot breath on her face, when she opened her eyes she saw a dog over her.

A Stray Dog Found a lady Badly Injured within the Woods. What He Did ...
The woman again fell back to unconsciousness and again was woken up by a dragging sensation.

The stray dog that was named Hero later was dragging Shannon from the car wreckage by her jacket.

This amazing furry managed to tug the injured woman 100ft to the road side and she or he managed to place her arms round the dog’s neck and pull herself up.

When Shannon Lorio crashed her car on a rural road, a stray dog ...
The woman flagged off a passing car then the driving force contacted 911 and therefore the husband of Shannon.

After getting to hospital there it had been discovered that Shannon had an intracranial hemorrhage, which if it doesn’t get treated may kill her.

If it wasn’t for the heroic dog the lady had a high chance to not survive the crash.

The woman couldn’t adopt Hero, the German shepherd that saved her life by getting adopted by Heidi Drawdy who may be a rescue trainer and an enquiry canine consistent with