Heroic dog sees rattlesnake during walk, immediately jumps to protect his owner

Dogs are the simplest pets someone can have. they're loyal and protective and on many occasions they can save your life. Dogs are known for having a fantastic intuition and may notice things way before humans, which help the animals to stop dangerous accidents, one alike so happened to a brave pooch that with the help of his intuition sensed the danger and sacrificed himself to save lots of his human.

Paula Godwin, from Arizona, was on a walk with her two sweet dogs in 2018, it had been a sunny morning and consistent with the lady she was feeling relaxed and ‘’carefree’.’ She could never guess what terrible situation they were approaching. As they walked peacefully, Todd, one of her dogs suddenly jumped on her lap when she lowered her head she saw that the dog had seen something she didn’t: a dangerous rattlesnake. “I didn't see that snake,” Paula told ABC News “It was so camouflaged within the road. It had been a gray-speckled, gray and white rattlesnake.” Todd noticed the destructive snake before his master jumped to the rescue, and he bravely put himself in danger so, Paula stayed safe. “He jumped right ahead of my leg [where] I surely would have gotten bit,” wrote on Facebook.

The brave dog got bitten by the snake and his face hyped up from the venom. Of course, Paula rushed him to the hospital immediately and there the dog got injected with anti-venom. He was ready to make a full recovery. “He was there for about 12 hours, and that we were ready to bring him home Friday night,” Paula told ABC News. A few weeks later, the brave dog was almost as good as the new one, and his humans posted a picture of him loving every day in the park, and his healed face.

“Todd’s doing so well,” wrote on Facebook. “He may be a wonder to me how he's healing.” The woman says the brave dog will always be her “hero,” she even got him his own superhero cape. Well without a doubt, he's an excellent dog hero.
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