Heroic Doggo Dies After Fighting Venomous Snake To Save His Family

Dogs are a man’s ally and that they are going to be man’s hero if they need to!

A girl from Kuching, Sarawak shared how she lost her dog, Chiko, after he saved her whole family from a toxic snake.

“Yesterday was a historical day to my whole family and that i as we lost our most precious one and only beloved dog,” she wrote.

Source: Facebook

On 17 May, she shared on Facebook that a toxic snake had entered the dining room in her house. Her dog, an area breed, fought the snake until the snake died.

Immediately after, the dog moved over to the car porch, lay down and took his last breath as he probably had been bitten by the poisonous snake.

She shared that her family had tried to tug Chiko faraway from the snake but he never backed off and continued fighting.

Source: Facebook

“It was so heartbreaking for us to witness the scene and to tug him out of the world seemed almost impossible as he will never backed off,” she said.

Source: Facebook

“Truly our greatest dog ever. you'll be forever in our heart Chiko. Till we meet again during a better place. 💖”

“Goodbye and rest in peace Chiko 🌹”

Source: Facebook

Dogs will always put their owners’ lives before theirs and can always be willing to try to to whatever it takes to guard his family. RIP Chiko.