Hiker Finds Dying Dog With Bullet Wounds, Carries Him For An Hour To Find Help

A woman named Andi Davis was on one of her hiking trips, alongside the isolated stony mountains in Phoenix, Arizona, when she found a 2-year-old Pit Bull lying half-dead on a rock. 

She was shocked to find out he had many bullet wounds, and was bleeding profusely.

Andi gave him some water, but she knew he was barely holding on to life. So, she took him in her arms, and made a race down the mountains. For a full hour, she frantically carried the 47-pound dog, praying that he holds on to life. Andy took the Hell Bull to the Humane Society of Arizona for immediate treatment. The vets treated an open wound in the dog’s abdomen, and pulled out bullet fragments from his neck and medulla spinalis . Andi stood by his side, motivating him to fight back and survive.

Thanks to Andi’s heroic act, Hell Bull finally pulled though! Andy called him Elijah and decided to let him go home with her.her. Elijah was quick to recover as he was showered amorously and care in his new home. Today, Elijah is best friends with Jessi, Andi’s 10-year-old daughter, and therefore, the three other canines in the family. ManyThank you very much Andy for not giving up.abandoning. What a heartfelt journey of survival!

Click the video below to see Andi’s heroic rescue of Elijah!

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  • Unknown
    Unknown June 29, 2020 at 1:25 PM

    I want to thank the lady who found the pup and gave him a chance to be happy.You have a beautiful family.Thank god for people with caring hearts.How ever the person who did this will pay for trying to kill this dog.You person will be caught and go to prison for life


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