Home Depot Employees Build Special Wagon For Elderly Dog With Cancer

Kind people and their stories are always an idea, and they look for animals and calculate the way to make them happy is simply fantastical. Image results of Home Depot employees building a special station wagon For elderly dogs with cancer, A 15-and-a half-year old dog named Ike was rescued by Risa Feldman 12 years ago and since then they need been inseparable

Risa explained to ABC News that Ike’s favorite hobby is watching people. “He’s so happy to observe everybody,” Feldman told the news channel. “It’s his favorite thing to try to . He’ll lay there within the sun.” But the poor old dog has facing difficulties toto his favorite hobbies now since he was diagnosed with cancer in one between his back legs, making it difficult for him to maneuver. RisaRisa managed to find a special wheelchair to help him walk, but the dog gets tired easily. The image result of Home Depot employees building a special station wagon for elderly dogs with cancer, In a look for a far better solution, Risa visited the local Home Depot in Manhattan Beach, California and asked them to assist her modifying a car for her lovely dog.

Ernesto Moran, a Home Depot employee told Risa he will think a thought and provides her a call, he and his co-worker Justin Wadman designed a special wagon for Ike and gave it to Risa for free of charge, the wagon was called ‘’Ike’s Trike’ ’This great generosity didn’t end here, ABC News said they're also building a ramp for Risa’s car. I offered to create this for her and let her know that it’s something that Home Depot offers – giving back to our customers,” Moran explained to ABC News. The woman was so touched by the gesture of employees so she told the news station about it.


Ike is now a cheerful dog, doing his favorite things with their help.
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