I saw my dead dog's face in the clouds: Heartbroken pet owner was amazed to see her beloved mutt Sunny's unmistakable features in the sky just hours after she passed away

When her beloved Jack Russell terrier Sunny died aged 14 last Saturday, Lucy Ledgeway thought she would never see her face again. But the broken-hearted owner was amazed to glimpse Sunny’s unmistakable features during a cloud only hours later. A distraught Miss Ledgeway, 19, had gone outside to clear her head when she searched – and saw the dog’s face. She said: ‘It was so weird. I used to be thinking to myself that I wanted to find out Sunny in the sky as a symbol that she was OK. 'I was crying my eyes out and that I searched in the sky and saw Sunny. 'I quickly took a photograph before the clouds moved and sent the image to my mum, who also thought that the photo looked exactly like Sunny. it's crazy really.’

The teenager from York shared the image and a photograph of Sunny on social media where it's been liked quite 100,000 times. Saturday was the day of Miss Ledgeway’s parents’ anniversary. Her father was taking Sunny to the vet but the dog suffered a seizure and died in his arms.

With the family upset by the loss of the pet, Miss Ledgeway’s boyfriend took her out for a drive to clear her head. The couple are passing by a place Once they saw her face in the clouds, Sonny would not choose a place to take a walk.

Miss Ledgeway said: ‘After seeing Sunny in the sky I felt a warmth. It had been her way of telling us that she is OK.’ Jack Russells live for around 14 years, and Sunny had lived with the family after they took her in 13 years ago.

Scientists say we see faces in clouds and objects because the human brain is provided to detect faces from birth, while others say it's because brains wish to assign aiming to random images.
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