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Injured Dog Freed From Chain Thanks To Photo Posted On Facebook

After seeing an injured dog engaged with a brief rope and affected by a terrible neck wound, a concerned animal lover in Argentina decided to act and turned to social media for help.

The Good Samaritan’s efforts immediately paid off as their plea reached APAN (Argentina’s like the Humane Society) and that they came bent check out the dog living at Barrio Constitución.

They found the dog engaged with a rope so short that the dog couldn't properly lie . APAN wrote on Facebook, “We found him tied with a touch rope, and with obvious signs of abuse.”

The wounds round the the dog’s neck were starting to become infected and he was thirsty and hungry.

They directly initiated legal proceedings, getting the required writ to be ready to seize the dog legally from his owner.

Once free of his chain, Bobby immediately climbed into his rescuer’s truck, and APAN remarked that it had been as if he understood what was happening which he was getting help.

The dog (since named Bobby) visited the vet and had to possess his neck wound treated directly . Fifteen maggots were faraway from his wound and he was given medication and coverings .

He was exhausted after his ordeal. His rescuers noted that Bobby may be a well-behaved, good dog (buenito cachorrón) and really calm.

After seeing the vet, he went into a family and can be made available for adoption once he's healthy.

APAN was thankful for the individuals who helped bring Bobby’s situation to light and thereby giving him an opportunity for a cheerful life.

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