Man captured on camera taking sick dog for a walk every day is praised by thousands

For the animal lover we see that once they adopt a dog they need to need care of him for as long as their pet is alive, except for the apposite part that don’t realize how a dog should be treated, a man in Italy has been an example of how dogs should receive the care and love they deserve. Thousands of people praised photos of men walking with sick dogs every day

Tonino Vitale was recorded on camera in his regular walk with his sickly dog that's normal if you're a dog owner, but here the story is different since the poor Dylan the 13-year-old dog has arthritis and is crippled, and his owner still offers fresh air putting him during a cart and going out for walks. Dylan can hardly move his front legs, and his back ones can’t be moved in the least, but Tonino takes care to form him as comfortable as he can while they are going out for his or her walk. “For me, for my wife, who is a unprecedented woman, and who has become keen on him even quite me, Dylan is like our child,” Tonino said, consistent with Italian news site Il Vibonese.

The dog has been on Tonino ‘s family for 13 long years, first it had been his kids that took care of Dylan and once they removed it had been Tonino who was taking care of the pooch, he said the dog was a therapy and luxury for him after he lost his beloved dad. The video of the type owner has gone viral and is shared by thousands of people,individuals, Tonino is getting praised from animal lovers all around the world. A woman wrote: “He may be a wonderful one that loves his dog as if he were his child. he's making numerous sacrifices to assist his dog live the simplest life. People like that deserve such a lot admiration, those that love animals understand.”
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