Man Force-Fed Drugs To His Puppy 3 Times A Day Till She Became Fully Addicted

Nesha was still a puppy when she was taken in by a homeless man living in Kabul, Afghanistan. The person camped under a broken bridge known to harbor opium addicts. Nesha’s dad was an important substance abuser, and he force-fed heroin to the puppy 3 times each day. OverA few months later, the puppy was completely obsessed with drugs.

Some concerned locals filmed a video of Nesha’s extreme withdrawal symptoms. The puppy would band her head, graze her skin, and shiver uncontrollably whenever she was off drugs. The video went viral and lots of rescuers and vets came forward to assist Nesha. However, Nesha’s dad refused to offer her away. He claimed that she would die if she stopped using drugs. The vets eventually convinced him to surrender the puppy. But that they had no idea how to treat a dog with white plague. To contain her severe withdrawal symptoms, they gave her pain meds 3 times each day. Another worrying factor was that Nesha’s back legs had completely stopped working thanks to the continual drug abuse .

After a couple of weeks, Nesha, whose name means “intoxication” in the local language, bravely began fighting back her addiction. The drugs were still there in her system but the dog developed the will-power to combat her withdrawal symptoms. She was given a wheelchair as a walking aid while also receiving physiotherapy for her back legs. After months of treatment, Nesha was successfully weaned off drugs. She was also ready to walk on her own again.

Nesha’s story of battling addiction brought her international fame, and she or he was soon adopted into a loving range in Burlington, Kansas! What a heroic survivor and a real inspiration! Click the video below to see Nesha’s outstanding story of survival against all odds!

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