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Man sees homeless dog carrying bowl of food and decides to follow her

No matter if you are a human mother, or an animal mother, your type of love is the strongest one world has ever seen.

A guy spotted a dog mother doing something incredible within the middle of a boiling sun, for her children.

The guy decided to record the dog mother walking within the streets with a bowl of food in her mouth, he had no idea what the dog was doing so decided to follow her, the long journey was surprising but the rationale why she did this may touch your heart deeply.

A man in Turkey that helps homeless dog named Yusuf Kılıçsarı, saw a stray dog while she was walking down the streets and he knew the dog had a mission, writes The Dodo.

While Yusuf kept following the dog that was walking fast and being careful to not spill the food from the bowl, she kept getting into that long journey within the middle of a burning sun, after some minutes of walking the dog disappears into a junkyard and therefore the man continued to follow her.

And then he was meeting with the foremost touching view ever, the mother walked all that thanks to bring food to her hungry puppies.

While the small ones were arguing over food, poor mother collapses from hungry and thirsty, but like all the moms the planet has known she is so selfless and every one she cares about is to feed her little ones.

Once again, a mother’s love is that the strongest sort of love.