Man sleeps with his 600 rescued dogs to keep them warm in -20 degree winter night

He hopes to someday give the dogs the shelter they deserve.

Some people are willing to do anything just to help others, and this man called Dejan from Serbia is definitely one of them. An angel in disguise, Dejan is taking care of 600 street dogs that he rescued from everywhere the place, ensuring that they stay alive and ready to withstand the extremely cold temperature.

BonbinBonbin Dejan takes a puppy home almost every day, as long as he sees one. Every winter night in Serbia recorded a coldness of about -20 degree, which makes it hard for both human and animals. This example isn't any better for the type man as Dejan and his rescued dogs only have a wooden house to need shelter and sleep during this harsh weather. Although Dejan has a working stove and can light the fireplace, the easiest way is to generate heat, which is to sleep together. Since then, Dejan and his dogs are sharing body heat with one another for nearly 20 years . “It’s nice to ascertain them snoring and sleeping because I do know we survived another day,” said Dejan.

Bonbin Dejan always goes to great lengths to make sure his furry friends are in the best condition they can This is often in order that they will survive the tough winter that began in November and will last even until May “When it's inclemency , they’re filled with mud and there are not any doors on the wooden house. The dog sleeps on wet floors,” explained Dejan. Recently, Dejan rescued a puppy whose hip and one between its legs were broken. He also received another puppy that was brought by the owner, during a bag – thinking that would be the simplest thanks to bring the dog from his house – which obviously isn't the simplest thanks to treat any dog during this world. Dejan said that despite the difficult times, dogs gave him hope. For this man with a heart of gold, his happiness comes from watching all his puppies playing a day in the sunrise.

He will never be bored spending his times with these adorable furry friends. Despite his overflowing love, Dejan understands that every and each dog needs their circle of relatives, and a more suitable place for them to call home. Check out his Instagram, dedicated to raising awareness about rescued dogs and then the things he did to form sure the dogs are safe, healthy, and happy.

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