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Man Stitches Puppy’s Mouth Shut With A Cord And Brags About It Online

Hank was a puppy who belonged to Sheela Deskins. Sheela loved Hank very much but things soon turn ugly.  

Sheela’s boyfriend, Matt McMichael, disliked Hank as he thought that Hank was barking excessively.

Both Matt and Sheela sleep in Eugene, Oregon.

Matt had decided to cease Hank’s barking once and for all. He decided to tie a plastic cord which was commonly utilized in shopping malls, around Hank’s muzzle.

Unfortunately for Matt, the photo of Hank quickly went viral and sparked outrage among netizens worldwide.

Matt later noticed the outrage that his photo had caused so he deleted his account.

Sadly, Matt didn't face any charges thanks to his actions.

Look at this horrid image:

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