Missing Dog Rescued From 20-Foot Cliff Above Creek

Mowgli the yellow Lab went on an exciting camping trip as well as his parents’ friends in Boulder County, Colorado. It had been all very exciting for him, but he soon got a touch too curious. He went exploring on his own, but he never found his way back to the campsite.

Mogli was missing, they immediately began to look for Mogli. Mowgli's family and friends looked for him for 3 days with no success. But then, one person finally spotted him. Poor Mowgli had gotten stuck on a 20-foot cliff above a fast-moving creek! The cliff where Mowgli was trapped was surrounded by higher cliffs. So, there was nowhere for him to travel. Officials guess that he had been stuck there for the bulk of the time he was lost. He likely fell into the creek, then climbed up onto the cliff, which was the sole bit of land near him. The poor pup waited there patiently, hoping someone would save him.

three rapid water rescue teams from the Lyon Fire District, the Boulder Emergency Team, and the local Boulder department rushed to the scene.scene. That they had to attend for the creek’s water to settle down . Then, they crossed the water and climbed over to Mowgli.

After Facebook assessed the situation, the simplest thanks to rescuers who decided to take him to safety was the use of the rope system. They found out a rope that went from the cliff to the land across the creek. Then they put Mowgly on the dog rescue harness and moved him across the water. Rescuers attached Mowgli's harness to the rope system. They carefully ferried him across the creek. Once he was safely ashore, they walked him up to the highest of Capitol Hill, where his family was expecting him. They were relieved to find out that their beloved dog was safe.

The rescue teams said that Mowgli was calm throughout the whole process. He must’ve known they were there to assist him, so he gladly cooperated with them. He’s such a brave dog!

In fact, Mowgly left the scene without injury. He was likely tired and hungry from being alone for so long, but he didn’t have any wounds on his body. The rescuers said that if family and friends hadn’t conducted such a fanatical look for Mowgli, things could’ve been worse for the pup. He’s lucky to possess a family that cares about him so much!
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