Police Smashed Car Window To Save Dog Trapped In 40°C Heat

Some people really don't deserve pets.

Cops were forced to smash a window after a cruel dog owner left her pooch trapped in the boiling vehicle for four hours.

Officers in Seville, Spain, found the Yorkshire terrier "on the verge of passing out" with the interior temperature hitting a sweltering 50ºC at one point. Video shows them smashing their way in through the passenger window, before dousing the terrified pooch in cold water. The car was then towed away by officials, while the dog was taken into care.

The owner, a 49-year-old woman, said she didn't see any issue with leaving the dog inside the car. A police spokesperson said: The local police had to break the window of the passenger seat to rescue a very weak animal in the car with a temperature of 50ºC. Thanks to citizen collaboration, it's recovered. Its owner has been denounced for life-threatening animal abuse.

Despite what happened, she insists that it’s fine to go away the dog in 40ºC heat which this is often not the most of time this has occurred. Succeeding this and then the report made, the animal has been taken from her care.