Rescue Dog Hugs News Reporter Until He Adopts Her

This pup picked out his human at the shelter.

When we adopt a dog, only a part of that call is up to us. In most cases, our dogs actually choose us first. Some dogs surprise us and make us fall crazy with them once we least expect it. That was the case for a dog at an animal shelter. She fell crazy with a news reporter who was covering a story at the shelter. So, she was willing to try to do anything to urge him to like her back. Little did that journalist know, his personal story was close to become even more famous than the one he was reporting.

Many shelter dogs watched the person out of curiosity, but one particular dog wasn’t afraid. She approached the reporter and showed him as much love as possible. The heartwarming interaction between the journalist and then the dog was captured on video. It had been shared everywhere social media, touching the hearts of people everywhere the planet. This video is that the perfect example of how dogs choose us. A Life-Changing Hug In the video, the dog hugged the reporter and refused to leave.abandoning. She clings onto his leg tightly and leans her head against him. The poor pup seems uninterested in being at the shelter alone, and it's as if she may need had a litter of puppies before arriving at the shelter. So, she was wanting to find someone who would love her. Even though the person is probably going confused by the dog’s actions, he happily encourages her behavior. He gently stroked her head, bringing her closer to him. The video is about 30 seconds long, so it’s one among the foremost beautiful hugs ever filmed.

As this adorable video circulated the web, a tear-jerking story also came with it. Apparently, the journalists adopted the dog after their famous hug.happened. The dog had chosen the news reporter, and there was no way he could say no. Everyone who commented on the video agreed that adopting the dog was non-negotiable. If a dog hugs you for that long, you've got no choice but to like them forever. It’s heartwarming to find out videos like this have happy endings. Clearly, the dog and then the man were meant to be best friends. So, next time you’re looking to adopt a dog, twiddling my thumbs because the right dog will love you only the maximum amount as you're keen on them. After all, the bond we share with our furry friends is unbreakable.

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