Scared And Hurt Dog Saved From Shelter One Hour Before He Was To Be Put Down

This brought tears to my eyes…

This scared and injured dog was literally snatched from the jaws of death. He was picked up by a shelter and within one hour of arriving was scheduled to be euthanized just an hour later! Fortunately for him, he was sent to Dr. Matt with the veterinary ranch. Dr. Matt determines Old Gregor was bitten in the neck by another dog and immediately starts performing on saving the dog’s life.

It doesn’t look good for Old Gregor at the beginning, but by the top of the video I used to be cheering. It’s incredible that just a couple of weeks after Gregor was brought in, he’s running around with Dr. Matt Like nothing has happened! A warning to viewers, the video contains some graphic imagery, which will be upsetting. Share Gregor’s amazing recovery and then the amazing work that Vet Ranch does as well as your family and friends!

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