Senior Dog Is So Sad She Can’t Even Keep Her Head Up After Her Family Moved Away And Abandoned Her

To our pups, we are heroes. They love us will all their heart and that we can do no wrong in their eyes. That’s tons of responsibility, and it’s important that we don't abuse the trust they put in us. Unfortunately, there are people out there who think nothing of breaking that trust. Like Athena’s previous family, who cruelly abandoned her when she needed them the foremost .

Athena may be a sweet, affectionate pup who spent most of her life living with her family in Nikolaevka, Bulgaria. She loved her family dearly and thought they loved her as much. However, one fateful day, she discovered just how little they valued her love and her life. After being a faithful companion to her family for several years, Athena had grown into a senior dog and was looking forward to enjoying her life an equivalent way she’d been enjoying her youth: by taking care of her family. Unfortunately, her family had a special idea.

When Athena’s family decided to maneuver a house, they chose to not bring Athena with them. They thought that she was too old, and so, they only left her behind as if she was a bit of broken furniture or another unwanted item. Poor Athena was heartbroken and afraid. She was on their lonesome, and to form matters worse, that they had left her with an important chain around her neck. She sat by the side of the road, hanging her head, watching the passing cars, and searching completely inconsolable. Fortunately, news of the helpless old dog finally reached the ears of regional dog rescue volunteer Laurica Nagel. Nagel rushed to rescue the poor pup and located her sitting by the side of the road as well as her head hanging low and her eyes crammed with sadness and worry. Nagel discovered that Athena had managed to survive on scraps provided by compassionate truckers, but the poor senior was weak, malnourished, absolutely covered in fleas and ticks, and had lost her sight in one eye. Nagel brought Athena to a rescue center where she received the care she needed. She was washed, fed and treated and received all the love and care she’d been lacking. But though her physical status was improving, the shelter staff was worried that they wouldn’t be ready to find her a forever home.

Senior dogs have a difficult time finding new homes, as people are less curious about older dogs and more curious about puppies. But Athena got lucky. A family spotted her on social media and knew that she was meant to be a part of there family. They were so pleased with her for being a fighter and surviving all the hardship life had put her through. When they checked out her, they didn’t see her as old and useless, as her previous family had. No, they saw her for what she truly was: a sweet senior dog with an enormous heart and a robust spirit.

Now, Athena has been living with her family for several months, and she’s happier than she’s ever been. Finally, she features a family who truly cares for her and can confirm that the remainder of her life is going to be happy and crammed with love.

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