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She Lived In A Box On The Street For Years, Watching Thousands Of People Pass Her By

Thousands of people walked by her every day, but no one ever stopped to help.

Helen was a homeless dog who spent her entire life on the streets of Romania. She slept on cardboard in an old door frame, and watched as people passed her by a day . People would occasionally stop to seem at her or give her food, but nobody ever cared enough to urge her help.

That is, until at some point when a tourist from Finland who was visiting Romania spotted Helen and immediately contacted Howl Of A Dog. When rescuers got there, people within the area told them that the dog had been living therein neighborhood for years. Thankfully, since everyone knew her, this area was relatively safe for her, and she or he would often get foods scraps from passersby.

But these scraps weren’t enough food for her to be healthy, and therefore the cardboard that she laid on wasn't warm enough to urge her through the cold winters or bad storms. Rescuers say Helen is a tremendous dog and describe her as calm, friendly and very well-mannered. they assert she features a “wonderful, pleasant temperament.”

Her incredible personality makes it even sadder knowing that she had to measure on the streets, all by herself for therefore a few years . Helen had a plastic append her ear, which was a part of a neuter-release program that happened in 2013. this suggests that she was captured as a stray at that point , was spayed, then released back on the road . Helen has been on the road ever since, which is a minimum of six years, and she or he was probably on the road for years before that.

Rescuers brought her back to their clinic for a medical evaluation and a much-needed bath. A few months later, Helen was adopted by a loving family within the Netherlands. She lives during a small village with many wooded areas and alleys where she enjoys walks together with her new owners. Watch her rescue below: