Stray Puppy Hit By Train and in Unfathomable Pain Wags His Tail in His Rescuer’s Arms

A tiny stray puppy had crawled into a hole to hide after his leg had been severed after being hit by a train. Rescuers from Animal Aid Unlimited in India were asked to help and found his fear and extreme pain.

Animal Aid Unlimited, India His leg was completely broken, almost torn off below the shoulder. His paw was dangling by a skinny piece of flesh. “Despite the unfathomable pain he must are in, when our rescuer reached bent him, he began to wag his tail,” writes Animal Aid Unlimited.

“And his precious little tail continued to wag throughout his entire rescue. This tiny boy was so filled with hope and trust.” Seeing Spirit after his surgery, it’s hard to believe the terrible state he was in only fortnight earlier. His rescuers achieved a miracle and helped him make a full recovery. Now, Spirit is running and giving kisses to everyone he meets!

Watch his dramatic rescue within the video below.


Warning: video contains extremely graphic imagery that will be disturbing to some viewers. Discretion is suggested .
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