Swollen Dog Powerless On Sidewalk, People Stepped Over Her And Walked On

Her infected body was filled with fluid. She couldn't sit up or walk. Dozens of people just walked by as if she didn't exist. Swollen Dog Powerless On Sidewalk, People Stepped Over Her And Walked On

Stray animals suffer from unimaginable hardships. Not only do they need to stress about finding food and adequate shelter, but they also face medical issues all on their own. For one stray dog, later named Shizuka, her illness consumed her entire body. She could not move about easily. She was in pain and dying alone. She needed a miracle to survive. The poor dog lay helplessly in the street. By the time rescuers were notified and made there thanks to her location, her kidney infection had become so severe that fluid built up in her abdomen. Her spleen was also affected. While seeing Shizuka lay there, it had been hard for the rescuers to not cry. This poor child has had enough! It's time to change her life.vary. For good!

Amazingly, despite her pain, she welcomed the rescuers. They did their best to sit her up. She even flashed a smile. The poor pup already realized that these kind people were there to assist her. She said “thank you” in her own especial way. They were ready to pick her up, carefully, and transport her to the emergency vet. The doctor sedated Shizuka and gave her pain meds. Now, it had been time to treat Shizuka. Her body had over 3 liters of excess fluid that needed to be drained.

Once the fluid was drained, Shizuka felt such a lot better! She was placed on antibiotics to make sure that her infection cleared up. Now,It's time to travel to accept her adoptive mother! She is so happy and cozy and is being deservingly spoiled. She likes to “give paw” and play.

Shizuka will never know what it’s wish to suffer from an empty belly or to suffer alone. That’s a thing of the past! Her adoptive mother loves her very much.lot. They spend such a lot time together. Everyone who meets Shizuka is amazed by her tenacity also as her kind heart.

She has many interested adopters, including her foster mom. Subsequent steps is going to be making it official. We are relieved and elated that this deserving pup made a full recovery. It’s through the diligence of rescuers and supporters of the cause that make all this possible. To find out Shizuka’s incredible recovery, scroll right down to her video.

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