Three Teenagers Find Motionless Dog On The Side Of The Road

While biking, three boys find an injured dog that needs saving.

As teenagers, you're always trying to find an adventure. The joys of riding your bike farther than you ever have, the sensation of speed when happening a hill faster than you'll control, and helping an animal in need are all things that are character builders for teenagers. In the Parish of Arcadia in Louisiana, the three boys almost tested the role and became local heroes in the process.

As three boys biked down the road, they noticed something in the grass. Three teenagers, around 13 years old, were out for a motorcycle ride with no real goal in mind. As they were riding around, they happened to travel by a dog lying in the grass. While this isn’t entirely uncommon, they decided to research. Upon closer inspection, the boys realized that the dog was in a serious condition.

Hopping off their bikes, the three kids got closer and saw that the dog wasn’t moving. It had been incredibly weak and needed immediate medical attention. They called an animal rescue and waited around to find out how they might help. When Haseya’s New Beginning Animal Rescue showed up, the took control of things . Wade, Tyler, and Brayden decided they wanted to remain next to the dog the whole time they waited for help. The dog was on the brink of the side of the road so the three boys placed their bikes the wrong way up during a barricade to prevent people from driving too close to the injured dog.

The dog couldn’t move but they noticed that its eyes would occasionally check out the three rescuers. Once the boys noticed the dog was watching them, that they had some hope for the lifetime of their new friend. Animal rescue showed up and added to the bike barricade with their own car. Katie LeBlanc, a volunteer, said: “If they wouldn’t have showed up, he probably wouldn’t have made it. It’s so crazy because they could’ve not been riding thereon a part of the road.” From what it appeared, the dog had been hit by a car.

The staff got together and lifted the dog into the car with a blanket. Getting him back to the shelter to receive medical treatment was imperative. While not diagnosed yet, the volunteers noticed that he was limping on his leg, potentially from an injury to his hip. Once they are going to the shelter, they gave him some pain medication and began their analysis. Wade said: “It made me feel happy because I knew that we saved the dog,” said Wade. “Because we gave the dog a second chance that he possibly could’ve never had.” The shelter gave a short lived name to the dog, naming him Wade after one among the boys who found him. After an analysis, the shelter realized that Wade already had a forever home and a family who was heartbroken trying to find him. The dog was named Taz and had been lost for over a week! After finding his family on Facebook, Taz was finally reunited. Taz’s family was so excited to possess their family together again and were incredibly thankful that the boys stopped.

In a world where it’s easier to travel by an injured dog, the three boys stopped, saved a life, and healed a family. that's one among those moments which will forever change how you view the planet, especially as a 13-year-old!

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