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“We Don’t Deserve Dogs”: Missing Autistic Toddler Found In The Care Of His Family’s Dogs

One family from Ponce De Leon, Florida, has just experienced something which will scar your heart for all times . Wednesday morning, their three-year-old boy, Marshal, went missing.

Not only did the toddler disappear wearing only his diaper, but Marshal’s also autistic and can’t speak, leaving his family even more worried about their chances to reunite with the boy. the sole thing that gave them comfort was that he disappeared with Nala and Buckwheat, two loyal family dogs.

“We were panicked,” Marshal’s aunt Kayla Stewart told WJHG/WECP, adding that “all kinds of worst-case scenarios [were] running through their heads.”

Wednesday morning, a three-year-old boy went missing in Ponce De Leon, Florida

Both Nala and Buckwheat were by the toddler’s side. “[His] dogs were right there with him,” the neighbor recalled. “[We’re] thankful that the pups quite guided him along, i assume they kept him safe.”

Both the neighbors, who quickly break up and searched the world , and therefore the sheriff’s department, which posted about the case on Facebook, were trying to seek out the toddler. But it had been the primary group that succeeded.

Carol Shelton saw the boy later that afternoon a few mile faraway from his home. albeit Marshal was covered in dirt, he was completely fine. and that i wouldn’t even call it a miracle, rather, an outcome that Marshal’s very earthly guardian angels ensured.

Marshal’s family were beyond happy to ascertain their precious little boy back home safe and unharmed. They were also very pleased with their canine relations . “They’re doing their job,” the boy’s mom said.