Abused Dogs Left To Rot & Die, Beg For Help With Unspeakable Misery In Their Eyes

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT The Humane Society of usUs assisted the Kingman County Sheriff’s Office in raiding a rural range in Kansas after getting an enquiry warrant. The officers have revealed that they're still in shock after uncovering the foremost gruesome case of animal abuse and neglect in the filthy hoarding home.

The officers have removed 30 dogs, 2 cats, a horse and a couple of burros from the abusive situation. The animals were sickly and infected from living in mounds of feces and urine. Their diseased skin was rotting away thanks to fleas-infestation and most of them had lost their fur. A number of the dogs were cramped in makeshift pens while the others were chained outside in the heat with no escape. The Humane Society is currently working to enhance these animals’ health and wellness. The psychological state of the animals is extremely delicate at the instant. TheyThey need to stay in a rancid house for a long time and don't care at all. It’ll take a couple of months to revive their crushed spirits and depleted health.

If you would like to donate toward the recovery of those harrowed animals, you'll visit the Humane Society’s donation page here. Officers are still looking into the abusive owners, and appropriate actions is going to be taken once the investigation is complete. Let’s become these animals’ voice and confirm, the owners don’t escape with this. Spread the word!

The Humane Society of the United States Click the video below to see the heart-crushing rescue of the dogs from their torture cell.

WARNING: The content of this video could also be disturbing to some viewers.

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