Adorable Dog Donates Blood To Save Another Dog's Life

It's a universal understanding that folks who give blood are usually a specialized citizenry . Either that, or they're trying to form up for something bad...

So imagine how wonderful a blood-donating dog is, eh? Well, you're likely to love Jax. The seven-year-old pooch recently donated blood to save lots of an anemic puppy's life. What an honest LAD. Jennifer Fowler, Jax's owner told LADbible: "He loves any sort of attention and sits very still during any sort of proceedings. "On that day [he gave blood], we had a severely anemic puppy is available that was knocking on the death door. there have been hardly any red blood cells left in the poor puppy's body so, he needed transfusion.

"We were unable to urge in touch with the owners for about an hour, but we wanted to travel ahead and obtain things readyso thatt as soon as they okayed the procedure, we might be ready. "We don't keep tons of blood available and believe donations in most situations like this. Employees will commonly volunteer their own pets to assist if there's no risk to our petsinn the procedure. "I asked my husband to bring him to our clinic from our house about 10 minutes away. He was elated tofind outn everyone and sat very still when asked as we shaved alittlepatchesh of fur on his neck andcleansedd itso thatt the location would be sterile. "Using a needle and a transfusion bag, we simply drew blood from his neck for about 30 seconds as I held his head and kissed his face, he was wagging his tail the entire time and didn't whimper or cry once.

"After about 30 seconds, it had been over and done and he got numerous treats and a high calorie snack of wet food also as some water and need to hang around during a super comfy bed for the remainder of the afternoon." Jennifer continued: "Due to the tiny size of the puppy, that one bag was enough for 3 transfusions. The puppy drastically improved and need to head home a couple of days later." What a life-saver.
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