Cop rescues a chained pit bull from the rain and offers it a brand-new life

After rescuing an abandoned pit bull left chained in the cold rain, a New York City Officer just couldn't get him out of his mind..

When NYPD policeman, Michael Pascale, found a pit bull chained up to a fence in the rain, he felt a moment connection. This poor dog is sitting in a broken beer bottle and has used needles.

Little did Pascale know therein moment, as he took the dog to safety, that he would be making a lifelong friend and companion. Officer Pascale felt an instant testimonial to Joey Pascale took He'll bull, named Joey, to the Brooklyn Animal Care Center. After arriving there, Joey was verified and treated. Meanwhile, Officer Pascale texted his wife about the poor dog he had rescued. After she recognized the connection her husband had to the dog, she surprised him by telling him to bring Joey home with him. Waiting the mandatory 72 hours,

First, Pascale had to attend for the mandatory 72 hours placed on all rescues before he could adopt Joey. He anxiously waited for the time to pass, visiting Joey subsequent day to find out how he was doing. Joey seemed lonely and almost on the verge of tears, but Pascale comforted him promising to return for him. Bonding with Joey

On the third day after he rescued Joey, Pascal visited Joey again and took this opportunity to invite him for an afternoon walk. Before he left, Pascale sat with Joey at his kennel and comforted him. Joey had grown familiar with Pascale’s presence and even fell asleep as well as his chin resting on his hand. Take Joey to his new home. Source: The Dodo

Finally, the 72-hour waiting period had passed, and Pascale was allowed to require Joey home with him. Upon arriving at his new home, Joey met his new mom, whom he quickly fell crazy with. Every day Joey shows Pascale and his wife just how thankful he's for them by giving them many hugs and doggie kisses. Pascale and Joey’s journey was captured on video and posted online. The video received over 21 million views and 360,000 likes. Everyone seemed touched by Joey’s story and then the kindness of officer Pascale. New York Animal Care Center The mission of the Animal Care Centers of the latest York is to seek out forever homes for the animals that it rescues, either through direct adoptions or a spread of dedicated animal placement organizations.

Source: The Dodo With the latest facilities in all five Burroughs in York, the organization works with the community to rescue the animals located there and respond to the requests of community members. For more about how you'll help the Animal Care Centers of the latest York, visit the organization’s Website or Facebook page. Pascale feels that a lot of pit bulls have a nasty reputation and are overlooked for adoption due to it. Joey may be a perfect example of how loving pit bulls are often if just given the prospect. For more on this heartfelt story of rescue and adoption, watch the video below.

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