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Cops Summon Medevac Helicopter To Save Gravely Injured K9 From Potential Death

The freeway came to a standstill as the helicopter swooped in to save the beloved K9 before she could bleed out. Let’s spread the word and thank our brave K9s for their selfless service!

Kylie the K9 may be a cadaver dog who has touched countless lives together with her dedicated service. She finds lost human remains of families’ loves ones

She also fights crime by finding murdered corpses. along side D.C. Fire and EMS handler Sgt. Gene Ryan, Kylie has been an important resource for various departments.

During one among her search operations near Washington Parkway in Virginia, the brave Kylie got severely impaled on a neighborhood of hidden fence. Gene’s heart sank when he saw that Kylie was bleeding profusely and there have been no emergency services nearby.

That’s when U.S. Park Police and D.C. Fire and EMS stepped up to summon a Medevac helicopter only for Kylie! The traffic on the freeway came to a standstill because the helicopter swooped in to rescue the K9 and fly her to the hospital.

Thanks to a timely surgery, Kylie didn’t bleed to death! Her prognosis is extremely good and she or he will recover within weeks. The officers say that Kylie is their family, and deserves an equivalent emergency response like all other member!

Gene, who founded the department’s Human Remains Canine Team, had rescued Kylie back when she was a thin and unwanted kill-list shelter dog 5 years ago. Kylie was special and Gene trained her to be the simplest cadaver dog ever.

The pair was even honored with “Excellence publicly Service Award”! We wish Kylie a fast recovery. Let’s spread the word and thank our brave K9s for his or her selfless service!

Click the video below to observe the highlights of Kylie’s decorated career as a cadaver K9!