Deputy Sheriff Gives His Coat To Injured Dog Hit By Car

Deputy sheriff gives his coat to injured dog hit by car

Chautauqua County’s deputy has touchingly demonstrated that each living being deserves love and compassion. It was a freezing cold day and therefore, the ground was covered during a thick layer of snow when Sgt. Chris Howlett and his deputy Jason Beichine learned that a puppy was lying in a ditch by the highway, obviously in pain.

Despite the tough weather, Howlett and Beichini decided to leap into action and rescue the poor pup, instead of simply contact animal control and allow them to affect it. To them, it didn’t matter that the person in distress wasn’t human – all they cared about was stopping needless suffering and saving a life. When they received the cold and snowy scene, they found the pup in deep distress. The scared and hurting female child had been involved during a hit-and-run and left for dead in the snow-filled ditch. The pup was injured from the impact and was incredibly cold from being left alone in the freezing weather. Sgt. Howlett knew that the poor pup needed warmth quite him, then he took off a jacket and wrapped the shivering dog in it to urge her temperature up.

Sgt. Howlett and Deputy Beichini were later ready to contact the pup’s family, who were relieved to listen to that their girl had been found. The pup, named Rogue, was taken to the vet and thankfully, her injuries weren't fatal. In an update on their Facebook, the Chautauqua County Sheriff’s department revealed that Rouge was close to return home to her family after having been treated by the vet. Rogue’s family was incredibly grateful to Howlett and Beichini also as touched and overwhelmed by the incredible show of support and compassion they received from the general public after an image of Rouge and Sgt. Howlett went viral. While Sgt. HowlettHowlett was wrapping Roger in his jacket, and a passerby saw the touching scene and took a picture of the compassionate sheriff and the grateful puppy. The sheriff’s department received a copy of the photo and decided to post it to their Facebook to honor the 2 heroes and spread some love and positivity.

But they hadn’t expected just how deeply the photo would resonate with people, and how fast it might be shared and spread. The photo quickly went viral as people were relieved that Rogue would be okay, and overjoyed to find out such wonderful compassion and heroism during a world that's often painted as bleak and unfriendly.

Howlett and Beichini haven't only saved Rogue’s life, but they’ve also renewed people's faith in humanity.

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