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Disabled Dog Dumped By Owner Twice In One Day Finds Loving Home

Tintin was abandoned on the street but he's now doing "exceptionally well" with his new family.

If  you would like a story that’s getting to anger you to the core before filling your heart with warmth, strap certain the ride, folks. The below video shows the instant a disabled dog was abandoned at the side of the road – but after an extended and troubling journey, he’s finally found a loving home.

Poor Tintin was actually abandoned twice by his owner – the primary time was brought back home after a lady found him on the road , thinking he was lost.

However, the three-legged pooch, who also features a disability together with his other front leg, was filmed being cruelly dumped within the city of Sao Leopoldo within the southern Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul, just hours later.

But – here’s where it gets good – the dog is now living with a loving family after he was taken in by the Patas Geurreras animal charity. All is well with the planet , once more .

Tintin is now living with a loving family. Credit: CEN

The charity has said that Tintin is doing ‘exceptionally well’ given the circumstances under which he was abandoned, adding that he’s being showered with ‘love and care’ from his new family.

The original footage was shared on Facebook where it had been viewed 220,000 times and received thousands of comments from angry animal lovers.

In the clip, a white car is seen parking by the side of the road before the feminine driver opens the rear door and two dogs leap out .

The moment Tintin's previous owner shoves him to the ground . Credit: CEN

The woman is seen encouraging the dark dog to leap back onto the rear seat before roughly pushing the disabled dog away, even shoving him to the ground as we see that his front leg isn’t strong enough to carry him up.

The woman then drives off and therefore the poor pooch appears to hobble after it (I can’t stress enough at this stage: he’s with a loving family now, it’s OK).

According to local media, the dog was abandoned twice within the same day after he was returned to the family and therefore the woman’s husband then took it to a different spot where he left it alone hours later.

Reports say the local animal protection service that was caring for Tintin received over 30 requests to adopt him after the video was posted on social media.

Local authorities at the time were said to be investigating the animal’s abandonment but the lady hasn’t been identified, The Mirror reports.