Dog Critical After Being Shot While Playing In His Yard, Cops Won’t Arrest Shooter

A security guard shot the dog twice while he was playing in his own yard. Cops won't charge the shooter, calling it a "matter of perspective." Let's raise our voices for justice.

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT Riverview pet parents, David Zimmerman and Kelley Hill are enraged after their pet dog was shot twice while playing in his own yard. Vader, a 7-year-old Siberian husky mix, has been fighting for all times after being shot by a watchman from Critical Intervention Services, Inc.

The safety officer later claimed that Vader attacked him while he was on duty. David, however, refuses to simply accept this argument. He and his neighbors say that Vader is simply a playful dog who never attacks anyone. The police are calling it a matter of perspective, and haven’t filed any charges yet. A representative from CIS has said that the safety officer has been placed on administrative leave and cannot be working in Vader’s neighborhood again.

Seeing no hope during this investigation, Vader’s parents, and his neighbors have started a “Justice For Vader” campaign on social media. Vader is predicted to heal after a surgery. His parents have requested people to donate on their GoFundMe page toward his medical bills worth $15000 and help him live. Does one think the police made the proper decision here? AllowLet us know in the comments. Click the video below to see Vader limping as he recovers from his wounds.

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