Dog Who Spent Years With Heavy Chain Around Her Neck Reveals Her ‘Superpower’

She finally got her happy ending.

Keeping a dog chained up has got to be one among the cruelest acts of neglect. Chains are often heavy and sometimes the poor pup is going to be chained up for hours on end without food, water, or a cushty bed. So when a lady spotted a many dogs chained up outside a property in New Mexico, she came touch with rescuers who headed over immediately to need the dogs to safety. One of these dogs was named Violet, and thankfully her story features a happy ending. Poor Violet’s white fur had been stained by the heavy, thick-linked metal chain that lay around her neck, and rescuers questioned the likelihood of the poor girl having been chained up her whole life. She was around two years old when she was taken from the property in Miguel County, New Mexico, by NMDOG, a charity who rescues chained dogs.

Chaining up dogs isn't right, but in New Mexico it’s an illegal act, meaning that the organization had the proper to require the dogs away to a secure place. “They were ready to get somebody to travel out onto the property and explain the ordinances and what was wrong with things ,” Angela Stell, founder and director of NMDOG told The Dodo. “When they did that, they found that the guardian of the dogs was in jail on unrelated charges, and he wasn't on the property ready to provide daily care that these dogs needed.” With the owner in prison, nobody knew how long the dogs had been left for, or whether anybody was coming to worry about them.

But it had been clear to find out that these dogs were affected by the neglect that they’d been put through and that they needed help. “I’m unsure if somebody else was staying on the property or coming to the property, but overall, these dogs were just quite abandoned and forgotten,” Angela said. After being taken certain an assessment, vets found that poor Violet was sunburned from being overlooked all day in the garden, and she or he had also developed flystrike, a condition during which maggots eat away at the flesh. But she can survive this thing.over. It was the mental effects of her neglect that might take Violet time to heal from. “She was very, very afraid, and remains a touch timid,” Angela said. “If you raise your hand to try to something, or move your hand too fast, she quite ducks and cows, like you’re getting to hit her. I can’t imagine what somebody did to form her do this. But she is coming around with nice words and good, positive interactions.”

Source: Facebook With the love and patience of the middle volunteers, Violet slowly began to open up and trust people. She was gifted what's likely to be her first-ever stuffed toy – a cuddly raccoon. At first, she didn’t skills to play with it, but since then Angela has spotted her batting it around on a few of occasions. Violet also has super powers! She has the ability to make anyone laugh and smile, so the sweet girl can swing each ear in different directions. “She’s very sweet, and she’s opening up to us and therefore the staff at the clinic,” Angela said. “She really likes her stuffed animals, and she or he likes to twist up in her blanket. She likes to travel for walks. She’s just learning about the planet around her, and not being chained anymore.”

A year after being rescued, Violet finally “found her perfect human” and was adopted into a furever home. NMDOG shared on Facebook: “Violet is an only child with an entire wonderful relatives. All of her Aunts & Uncles are over to go to & welcome her…with prezzies! She has more toys & beds now than the other dog on the earth (wink!). They even stop by during the day while Mom is at work & play games with her! But when Mom comes home, the important fun begins!!”

We’re so glad that this sweet baby found her perfect family, and we’re sure that their love will be quite makeup for the difficult beginning of her life.

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