Dumped Puppy Doesn’t Know How To Lie Down And Keeps Tumbling, Finds Comfort In Baby

The puppy was tied to a fence and abandoned by her owner. Her rescuer was overwhelmed when he found the scared puppy trying to find comfort by snuggling with his baby.

Her sad whimpers attracted the eye of a sort man who decided to rescue her and convey her home.

In this video, we see Callie’s touching reaction in her new home. TheThe man asked Callie to sit next to his sleeping baby and let her rest. After being alone and abandoned for days, Callie is certainly tired and sleepy.

As she keeps tumbling over in her drowsy state, she refuses to lie and sleep, fearing she is going to be dumped again. When she can’t keep her eyes open anymoremore, Callie finally decides to offer in to sleep, but she does so in the loveliest way possible.

In a heartwarming moment, we see Callie snuggling up to the toddler and sleeping on top of him for comfort! The baby’s presence eases her fears and she or he finally dozes off during a peaceful slumber. Seems as if the pup and baby, simplyOnly then did I find that I was a loyal friend for life! This video will leave you with an enormous, happy smile! Click the video below to see Callie as she tries to fight the dreaded sleep in her new home!

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