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Family Dumps Loyal Dog At Shelter Because They Are Having A Baby

He sat terrified and wondered what he did that was so wrong that his family abandoned him...  

Dogs check out their family as their pack and would never abandon them. People got to check out dogs as members of the family and not as disposable objects when life changes. A loving 3-year-old German shepherd was dumped by his family because they acknowledged they were having a baby.

The young dog named Rocco was hunched over and shaking a leaf in the back of a kennel at Dallas Animal Services. His family abandoned him there, and he didn't know why. His sad eyes searched asking ‘why am I here?’ to anyone who walked by. A shelter is often very stressful with all the unfamiliar smells, noises, and other people. A woman visiting the shelter noticed Rocco trembling in fear, so she took a video and posted it online in hopes that a rescue group would absorb the gentle dog. Preethi Pillaipakkam is a foster caretaker of DFW German Shepherd Dog Rescue Organization. After seeing the video, he went to the shelter to rescue Rocco.

Photos: Instagram/roccostar_gsd

“The shelter is never the environment for a dog like Rocco,” Pillaipakkam told The Dodo. “He was very timid and scared to urge into the car. He even hid beneath the seat within the car. He was pacing a touch and seemed very stressed.” Rocco was underweight, weighing only 60 pounds. Pillaipakkam takes Rocco home to relax, and he can stand by at any time. At first, Rocco was very timid and confused on where he was. Slowly, with the help of another German shepherd in the home, Rocco began to play with toys.

Photos: Instagram/roccostar_gsd

“This may be a giant step for Rocco who had completely pack up ,” posted Pillaipakkam to an Instagram page made only for Rocco After the Rocco shelter video went viral, hundreds of applications flooded into some Roccos. A lucky woman was chosen to be Rocco’s new mom. He will spend his days twiddling with another dog and cuddling with his new family. His new mom took over his Instagram page, so make certain to still follow it for updates on Rocco.

Photos: Instagram/roccostar_gsd

We wish him all the happiness in the world. Many thanks to everyone involved in saving him.