His Owner Battered And Bloodied Him, Then Threw Him In Wet Mud To Die Slowly

An dog named Champ was found by rescuer Randy Grim of St. Louis, Missouri. Randy has been rescuing animals for over 20 years, but he was not prepared to see the deplorable condition in which Champ was left to die. 

Champ was beaten to a pulp by his abusive owner and left to die in the cold bushes. Randy’s heart bled as he saw the dog soaked in mud and the blood. Randy tried to assure Champ that he’ll be okay, but the battered dog collapsed on the bottom. Champ was rushed to the hospital and put during a medically induced coma. There was barely any fight left in him. “Stray Rescue of St. Louis” shared his story on their social media page, pleading the people to return forward and help in the recovery of this suffering dog.

Soon, the flow of donations and love began to flood a certain champion. He was showered amorously and prayers, which eventually helped him find the strength to get over his life-threatening injuries. Authorities hope to spot the sick man who did this and convey him to justice. Spread the word and help catch Champ’s deplorable owner.

update: Champ has grown into a handsome dog after recovering. he's a pampered pooch spreading smiles in his fresh forever home now! The sad part is Champ’s abusive owner remains running free. Let’s do our bit and help catch him. Click the video below to see Champ’s amazing rescue and his inspiring fight for life!

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