Homeless Dog With Cancer Just Wanted To Hug Everyone After He Was Rescued

He was on the street for years

Buddy was on the road for years, and when he was rescued, cancer appeared to rob him of the prospect to be happy. But because of the doctors and his current family, he's enjoying the life he deserves.

Buddy was a homeless puppy trying to survive and obtain some love from the people he had met. Unfortunately, when things got better for him, cancer almost dashed his hopes.

The dog had a tough time finding food and strangers with an honest heart sometimes brought him treats. Most of the time he slept under cars. When the rescuers from Howl Of A Dog helped him, he was very excited and grateful, but when medical tests revealed the cancerous tumor in his spleen, all that happiness was gone.

The doctors decided that the foremost practical thing would be to perform a splenectomy. This surgery was quite complicated for Buddy, but in the end, the entire procedure was successful. After a month, Buddy received a replacement diagnosis during which the large news came that he had beaten cancer.

Doctors attribute the rapid recovery of the puppy to the first detection of the tumor. Buddy is anxious again, imagining that it will always belong to a house. And finally, his dream came true. Consistent with the publication, Howl of a Dog, he was adopted by a loving family in Michigan, USA.

There, he receives all the eye a dog deserves, he will not need to endure abandonment and his name is now “Roman.” He also features a canine brother and two feline brothers, and he also has the corporate of the deer that visit the patio of the house. Román’s adoptive mother said: “I’m so crazy with Roman! he's an angel!».
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