Magnificent Moment German Shepherd is Seen Pushing His Elderly Owner’s Wheelchair Down Road

An incredibly moment was caught on film as a young German Shepherd was filmed shepherding its elderly owner down the road – actively “pushing” the OAP’s wheelchair to help him along.

The wonderful video was recorded in the south-central Kazakhstani city of Taraz by Fidana Durusova who posted the touching clip on social media. The video captures 11-year-old Magnus as he's doing everything he can to assist his owner get where must be – pushing the wheelchair and guiding it. Fidanza said that she tried offering money and food to Anatoly but the pensioner said he prefers to be self-sufficient and turned her down. The concerned woman wasn't the primary person to supply the OAP help, but he does everything himself with a touch help from his dog whom he has described as his “only family,” local media reports.

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