Man Chains Dog To Golf Cart On Hot Day & Drags Him To His Death

A German Shepherd dog belonging to a man in Fort Walton Beach, Florida, never stood a chance against his owner. Witnesses in the area at the time of the abuse reported seeing a man dragging the dog along his golf cart on a warm day.

Police say Dean Woodyatt chained his dog to the golf cart, dragged him, and refused to prevent despite people trying to intervene and save the animal. Sadly, the dog died from heat-related injuries and Woodyatt tried to escape the scene of the crime. Police say he grabbed the dog’s leash when he saw authorities on the scene. He tried getting back in the golf cart but cops used force to prevent him.

“Animal cruelty isn't acceptable during a civilized society,” PAWS Interim executive Melissa Forberg said. Woodyatt was taken to Okaloosa County Jail. As of this writing, the fees he is going to be served are unclear, but the Panhandle Animal Welfare Society will pursue charges.

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