Man Considering Leaving Wife After Claiming She Put His Dog In Pound And Said It Ran Away

A Reddit user has claimed he's given his wife an ultimatum after she supposedly took his dog to the pound after pretending it had run away. The unnamed husband posted on Reddit as a part of the forum's 'Am I The A**hole' feed, explaining how he got the dog before he married his wife, who has since become 'increasingly paranoid' about the pet after falling pregnant.

He explained that she once told him that his dog ran away and she'd been unable to chase after the animal, which he never saw his beloved pooch ever again. However, fast forward five years and three kids later, and he said it transpired she'd lied to him and brought the dog to the pound while he was working, prompting him to find out things - and their relationship - in a completely new light.

The man wrote: "I had a dog when my wife and that I got married. I loved her, she was my buddy. "When my wife got pregnant, she became increasingly paranoid that the dog would be a danger to the baby. She mentioned rehoming, and that I refused. She was an 'aggressive breed', but she was trained. "One day, she called me crying at work that the dog ran away and she or he couldn't run after her. I believed her. I searched for that dog for weeks. I finally just accepted it because we had to travel to the hospital to welcome our child There are other pressing issues. "It's been 5 years since then, and that we now have three children. I've wanted to urge a replacement dog, but the youngsters take tons of energy and time. My wife has always had a replacement excuse to not get another dog. "I acknowledged recently that my dog didn't run away, my wife and her father took the dog to the pound while I used to be at work because her parents agreed together with her about the dog being 'dangerous'".

The Reddit user said he was 'furious' as he knew his dog 'wasn't dangerous', and feared that she may haven't been adopted. "I'm honestly mad enough to think about a separation if not for the youngsters and practical reasons," he added. "I've told her that the sole thanks to make it up even a touch bit is for us to urge a dog. She ultimately doesn't need a dog in the least, and complained that she would need to do an excessive amount of with it. I'm not getting to lull on this one this point ." As with all AITA threads on Reddit, users are ready to weigh in on the matter and say whether or not they think someone's being out of order.

In this instance, users concluded that the person was 'not the A-hole', with one commenting: "Yeah. NTA. I do not think I'd be ready to look past that." Another agreed: "NTA. I honestly do not know if I could forgive her." Questioning the credibility of the man's story, a 3rd added: "This whole story is questionable though, who loses their dog and doesn't check local shelters to ascertain if it had been turned in?"
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