Millionaire spent his fortune turning slaughterhouse into dog sanctuary

After a search for his missing dog brought him to look in a slaughterhouse, this man knew he had to do something to save these dogs

A lot of people when asked what they might spend their money on if they were millionaires would answer common things like how they might buy houses, cars or continue vacations, but one millionaire decided to spend his money in something extremely selfless, he used his wealth to save lots of thousands of dogs.

Millionaires spend a lot of money to turn slaughterhouses into Wang Yan got the millionaire title by running a steel business in the city of Changchun, China. But all his fortune didn't replace his dog who he loved dearly that went missing years ago. When he searched everywhere and didn’t manage to seek out his furry, someone suggested a final place to look: the slaughterhouse.

There is an outsized stray dog population in the city and unfortunately many of them are captured, butchered and sold on the dog meat trade, a cruel thing. The man didn’t find his beloved dog during this place sadly, but what he witnessed there changed his life. He knew what he should do and found a huge thank you for helping these lovely fursfurries, soso, he bought the slaughterhouse and turned it into a secure sanctuary for dogs. Metro reports say that he has spent an enormous amount of cash on this project.

The slaughterhouses cost him $400.000 and he founded the dog sanctuary as well as the money Although this means he must be in debt. “I don’t accept monetary donations, I only hope that kind-hearted people are going to be ready to donate a couple of supplies to assist ,” Yan told Metro. His sacrifices have brought amazing results: as of 2015, Yan took in 2,000 dogs from the town area and 200 of them got adopted. Kind people always give us hope that human beings still exist.
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