Missing Dog Found 400 Miles From Home, Owners Say They Don’t Want Her Anymore

When owners simply don’t want their dogs anymore it’s really one of the worst things that someone can witness🥺💔 What are your thoughts ?
When owners simply don’t want their dogs anymore it’onene among the worst things that somebody can witness.

Hope FoPaws,ws rescue grouexcepteded a call a few poor homeless dog that was running on the busy streets of L.A, when the rescuers received the sight they were greeted by a Bull Terrier named Brie, that despite her circumstance she remainefriendlyly.The cute dog seemed very happy to meet the rescuers' request, and immediately boarded their van without hesitation.n. When they sent her for a checkup at the vet, they found her a chip so immediately called the dog’s owner, a lady that lived all the way in Las Vegas , that's 400 miles faraway from the spot Brie was rescued.

The owner explained how she was overworked and forced to take Brie to her aunt, who is also a Las Vegas resident. So far, the dog's travel adventure is still a mystery.y. Brie’s old owner has no interest to urge the dog back and gave the shelter permission to re-home her, Brie got shifted to “LA Animal Rescue” and now's being fostered with another dog of the shelter named Bosley.The shelter attracted a public who wanted to find a permanent home for the two dogs.
Brie may be a happy dog with a sweet smile, anas well asther,er you'll never have a dull moment and whoever gets her won’t be disappointed.

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