Neglected and injured dog dies after being abandoned in a box

Two stray dogs in parking lot wag their tails at everyone in the hopes of being adopted

A pair of scared, starving, stray dogs were recently found wandering a fast-food restaurant parking zone . The two puppies have nothing, live in the parking lot, crying for help.assist. They begged many passers-by, but nobody appeared to care. That is, until 18-year-old Destiny Vasquez spotted one among them, got out her telephone and took a video that leave a sequence of events that might forever change their lives.

Jessica Marin Destiny Vasquez was waiting in line at a drive-thru in Brownsville, Texas when she spotted a pup on their lonesome in the restaurant’s parking zone. She was immediately overwhelmed by compassion for the pup and called her mother crying. Vasquez felt so badly for the pup who seemed to be on their lonesome.

Jessica Marin Vasquez explained to her mother that she had to save lots of the poor pup, she just couldn’t leave it there and her mother Jessica Marin agreed. Marin, herself has saved many stray dogs from the streets of South Texas, so she instantly jumped into action, racing over to the parking zone. Marin headed over the parking zone where she was surprised to seek out not one, but two little dogs.

After speaking with a couple of the restaurant’s employees, Marin discovered that the poor pups had been cohabitation in the parking zone for weeks — she couldn't believe that they had been suffering for so long. Marin took pictures of both dogs and sent the photos and her daughter’s video to Leslie Ysuhuaylas Hennings, who helps raise awareness for animals in need on social media.

After posting the plea on Facebook, it soon reached Ana Teran, a volunteer for Animal Aid Brigade in Houston, who was devastated to listen to about the poor dogs’ plight. Teran immediately rented a car and drove all the way from Houston to Brownsville to gather the pups. After spending a while gaining their trust, Marin managed to coax the pups into her car and was ready to chase away and meet with Teran.

When the pups met Teran, they are very happy and excited. They didn’t seem frightened of her and were just excited to find out what would happen next Teran was completely obsessed with the sweet couple and gently packed them into her car. After getting the pups safely onboard, Teran decided to form a couple of more stops and rescue some more dogs before heading back.

Nine pups later, she was able to bring the entire gang back to Houston. Once they back in Houston, Teran decided to become the parking-lot-pups’ new foster mom. She named them Patty and Pepper, so the couple excitedly urged to take measurements with her The pups are sweet and affectionate and wish to stick close to one another . they're clearly very bonded and love one another deeply.

Patty and Pepper will forever be grateful to Train and luxuriate in every minute they get together with her, but they're also excited to start subsequent chapter in their life; soon, the pair are going to be ready for adoption, and can finally get their very own forever family!

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