Owner Annoyed With Playful Dog Hits Him With Shovel & Slices His Skull In Half

Sky wont to be a happy-go-lucky dog, but his misfortune turned his life into a tragedy. Sky’s previous owner hated it whenever Sky came begging to play. One day, the person got too annoyed with Sky’s “friskiness.” He took his shovel and sliced off the proper side of the dog’s face to punish him.

When Viktor Larkhill, a rescuer from Greece, heard about Sky, he immediately arranged to rescue him. The dog had miraculously survived the devastating blow, but his situation wasn't promising. His right eye, ear and cheekbone were all gone, while his empty eye-socket was crammed with dirt and dead tissue.

Sky’s spirit was completely broken upon realizing that his owner has turned him into a half-faced dog. For a short time, even the vets considered putting him down. But the rescuers didn’t want Sky to offer up. The sole way he could defeat his abuser was if he found how to measure with dignity again.

Sky’s jaw got locked thanks to his injuries, which made eating and panting impossible. He was placed on pain medication and IV therapy, and his only hope is an upscale maxillofacial plastic surgery . It’s an unprecedented surgery, but the vets are willing to undertake their best once they need enough funds. We hope that Sky gets all the help that he needs and finds a reason to smile again. We’ll keep him in our prayers.

Click the video below to watch Sky’s rescue and the extent of his nightmarish injuries.

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