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People Are Angry At Doctor Who Seriously Injured His Own Dog


Sometimes we expect we’ve seen it all; however, we discover stories like these that confirm how wrong we are.

Unfortunately, this point reality hits us hard to reveal, once more , the folly of man, who together with his absurd abuse of his power to mistreat, our furry loved ones find yourself within the wrong hands.


Joseph Stubbers may be a practicing physician who has been charged with wounding a firearm and hitting his puppy with a hammer. The terrible scene attracted the eye of the many neighbors who heard the multiple gunshots within the man’s garage.

Fearing what was happening, they decided to call 911, when the police arrived, the person was cleaning the garage while the helpless puppy was on his side losing consciousness.

Without wasting any longer time, the police took the puppy to the closest ER , the face of the defenseless Cooper was disfigured, his right eye was swollen and covered with blood.

The police obtained an enquiry warrant to look Joseph’s property, within the house they found bullets and other evidence that directly attributed him to the crime. However, the person argued that the dog had become violent by clinging to his arm, so he acted in self-defense.

Although the doctor claimed to possess acted during this thanks to defend himself against the dog who had become violent, during the checkup , the doctors found no bite marks on his arm. This being proof that he would act in his favor, he eventually blurred his lie and charged him with animal cruelty charges.

The testimony of the neighbors was important to assist clarify the case, they assert that Cooper may be a very intelligent and delicate puppy. If they hadn’t called 911, Cooper may need lost his life.

The man has been convicted and is in peril of losing his license.

Joseph is currently in custody and faces two and a half years in prison. Cooper remains in poor health, allow us to pray that he will recover soon which they will find him a home where he are going to be treated like all other loved