Police Officers Rescue Two Dogs From Overheated Cars That Reached 150 Degrees

Never leave your dog inside a hot car! Spread the word and let's help save-a-life.

When a passerby spotted a dog left inside a vehicle on a hot day, they called the local police for help. Soon after the officer responded, they found another dog in the same parking zone shut inside another vehicle. Dogs should never, ever, be left during a vehicle when it’s hot out. You would possibly not know it, but it only takes a matter of minutes for the within of a car to succeed in over 100 degrees.

In this YouTube video, Officer Lisa Holland states: “We arrived out there to the scene and saw the dog seemed to be in distress, panting heavily within the back seat.”

It was 97 degrees outside, but when the officer took the temperature of the car, it had been 150 degrees! Even in 78-degree weather, it only takes minutes for a dog to die during a car which will easily heat up to deadly temperatures.

The offenders, during this case, were both charged with animal cruelty. If you see an animal trapped during a hot car, call 911 immediately.

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